High Performance Plastic Materials Guide

Exactly how To Resolve Your Plastic Troubles

It is commonly mentioned polymers as opposed to plastics, because both terms are basic synonyms in the engineering-use. If the term high-performance thermoplastics is made use of, it is because both the criterion as well as technical in addition to high-performance plastics are always thermoplastics.

Thermosets and elastomers are beyond this category as well as create their very own classes.

High efficiency plastics differ from typical plastics and design plastics primarily by their temperature level stability, however additionally by their chemical resistance as well as mechanical residential or commercial properties, manufacturing quantity, and also price.
Performance Plastics

With numerous plastic materials on the market, exactly how can you selected the most effective quality for your application? This overview includes technical information, including mechanical residential or commercial properties as well as chemical resistance information, for a lot of the leading plastics including Nylon, Delrin® , Polypropylene, Acetal, PVC, Ultem®, and PVDF (Kynar®).

High efficiency plastics are playing a crucial role in the auto market nowadays.

The light weight of plastics makes for more fuel efficient cars. It is estimated that every 10% reduction in car weight leads to a 5% to 7% reduction in fuel usage. Existing financial and also environmental concerns make the creation of even more fuel efficient vehicles a top priority in the auto sector. We companion with our consumers’ designers to design and make injection molded thermoplastic services for their most difficult jobs.
Making Best Use Of Component Efficiency

We leverage our material knowledge to pick and/or develop Makrolon Polycarbonate substances possessing residential or commercial properties made to satisfy or surpass desired efficiency characteristics.

We are experts in the design as well as use direct gated, multi-cavity molding. Direct gating eliminates product waste related to runner systems, particularly appropriate when molding pricey polymers such as fluoropolymers (e.g., PFA, FEP, PVDF), and also other thermoplastics (e.g. PEEK, PEI, PEKK). A number of these same polymers are very large sensitive providing straight gating of detailed, slim walled components really challenging. Nevertheless, we have actually developed exclusive injection molding tooling, equipment and procedures making straight gating of these products feasible.

High performance polymers in applications

We have actually developed tooling methods promoting the over-molding of complex inserts typically thought to be to be as well slim or complicated to be limited in the mold and mildew. These strategies, coupled with our capability to hold incredibly limited tolerances and mold very thin walls, offers our clients higher layout flexibility establishing future generation products. With numerous plastic products on the marketplace, just how can you picked the best grade for your application

Fluoropolymers generally, have excellent dielectric residential or commercial properties and are resistant to atmospheric degradation.

While substantially less costly than PCTFE or PFA, FEP is really hard to process because of its low viscosity. Nonetheless, Performance Plastics has actually developed proprietary tooling and also procedures making it possible for the molding of little, thin-walled, complicated FEP components.

High performance plastics

Applications that need abrasion resistance, wear or a reduced friction coefficient, these design plastics offer superior efficiency when compounded with lubes such as PTFE and graphite Heat and shock immune applications in the glass and aerospace sectors Heat immune, emission proof, extremely protecting or defined carrying out products for the semiconductor and electrical design market, Sterilization and also hydrolysis proof components for medical devices Exhaust evidence and radiation resistant parts for vacuum innovation and also applications in the locations of X-ray innovation and also atomic energy Parts for the chemical sector

Efficiency Plastics Affordable Advantages

PEEK is heat resistant with excellent chemical as well as exhaustion resistance as well as thermal security. It displays remarkable mechanical as well as electrical properties, with an optimum continuous working temperature level of 480 ° F.
Makrolon or Tuffak Sheet is a tough, rigid, high strength clear polycarbonate which maintains its homes over a wide temperature level variety from -150 ° F to over 300 ° F.

Ultem® has a constant use temperature of 332 ° F. It is made use of widely in the electronic market as a result of its great arc resistance and dielectric constant. It is likewise a prime product for clinical applications as a result of its capacity to hold up against numerous autoclave steam sterilizations.

* Ultem is a registered trademark of Sabic Plastics.